ANDRITZ NOVIMPIANTI Srl, is an Engineering and Manufacturing Company located in Lucca, Italy.

Their main products are:

  • Yankee Hoods up to 650°C operating blowing air temperature 
  • Steam generation by Yankee Hood Exhaust 
  • Closed Hoods for dryer sections 
  • Yankee Head Savers
  • Heat Recovery Units
  • Stabilization and Pocket Ventilation 
  • Steam & Condensate Systems for Tissue and Paper Machines, for Corrugators 
  • Dust Removal systems for Tissue Machines and Rewinders
  • Mist Removal Systems
  • Building Heating & Ventilation
  • Complete Boiler houses 
  • Cogeneration with Gas Turbine Exhaust
  • Auxiliary systems
  • Steam Box
  • Survey for process Optimization and Energy Saving
  • Diagnostic Services, Maintenance and Spare Parts 
  • Component supply

We will be glad to approach you to analyze your facilities and find best solution.

For further information visit their web here.