GATEWOOD COMPANY, founded in USA, has been manufacturing Needle Jet trim nozzles since 1962, for use on paper machines around the world. Based on their customers´requirements, they have expanded their line to include edge-trimming machines and nozzles for other applications on the machine. Looking continuously improve, they are always searching for ways to better serve their cutomer.

Each nozzle in individually inspected and spray tested by one of their long term experienced employees for total stream integrity. They are always striving the best technology in their designs. Reseachr and development is an on-going process at Gatewood.

Gatewood stands behind their products to the complete satisfaction of their customers.

Products - Type of Nozzles:

  • Trim single and double nozzles: Ruby orifice, stainless steel orifice, Pyrex orifice, ceramic orifice, adapters & filter orifice.
  • Trim Nozzle
  • Edge Trimming machines 
  • High pressure cleaning nozzles 
  • Specialty shower nozzles 
  • Flat Fan Spray Nozzles 
  • Full cone spray nozzles 
  • Hollow cone spray nozzles 
  • Hydraulic Atomizing nozzles 
  • Air atomizing nozzles 
  • Flexible Solutions 
  • Trim Water Suppy Systems 

Products - Types of paper carrier ropes + Accessories:

  • COMPACT R Paper carrier rope
  • COMPACT UNO Paper carrier rope
  • ENDURO R Paper carrier rope
  • ENDURO UNO Paper carrier rope
  • EXTRALINE DUO Paper carrier rope
  • EXTRALINE UNO Paper carrier rope
  • SUPERLINE DUO Paper carrier rope
  • SUPERLINE UNO Paper carrier rope
  • UHT UNO Paper carrier rope
  • Rope Cart
  • Rope Scissors
  • Rope Splicing Needle
  • Rope Tensioner
  • Safe Rope Knife

For additional information do not hesitate in requesting us the full catalogue.

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