Responsibility for nature and the communities where they operate underpin their approach in every aspect. They work to ensure that forests and plantations are sustainably managed and that every effort is made to ensure more trees are grown than harvested. Inside and out, they are constantly looking for ways to improve processes, save energy and use raw material as efficiently as possible.

Types of Celluloses:

  • Hardwood: MdP - Montes de Plata (From Uruguay) Eucalyptus. 
  • Hardwood: Veracel (From Brazil) Eucalyptus. 
  • Softwood: Sunila (From Finland) Pine and Spruce. 
  • Softwood: Enocell (From Finland) Mix Eucalyptus and Birch. 
  • Softwood Mechanical: CTMP Imatra (From Finland) Pine and Spruce. 
  • Unbleached: UKP Varkaus (From Finland) Pine and Spruce.